Blue Energy Fuels LLC

Blue Energy Fuels LLC
523 1/2 W. 3rd St.
Grove, OK 74344

Blue Energy Fuels (BEF) builds the most modern and efficient compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations available.

Blue Energy Fuels is the only CNG fueling station company that services every aspect of the station. From the concrete on the ground to the sophisticated electronics that control the compression of the gas all the way to the electronic card reader that charges the credit card. BEF does it all! Since our founding companies have pioneered a good number of the products that are used in the CNG industry, we kn0w how to fix it. Many of our components are proprietary, we designed them and manufacture them. 

In the CNG Fueling station industry there are several companies that can build you a fueling facility but only BEF has the staff to keep it running. So if you want to transition your fleet, no matter how many vehicles, from gasoline/diesel to CNG, BEF is your one stop solution. If your fleet is one service truck, or several hundred buses, we have a CNG fuel station for you that is just the right size!