Grandwood Assisted Living

Grandwood Assisted Living
2001 Sunrise Blvd.
Grove, OK 74344

Our senior living community provides a feeling of home and security. Grandwood Assisted Living is dedicated to the highest quality of care, a beautiful and comfortable environment and resident choice.

Whether you are looking for a Refined or Relaxed living environment, we have several options for you to choose from. From memory care to assisted living to the independent level of living, when looking for an ambiance of comfort and home, we invite you to discover all that we have to offer.  Our senior living community offers an affordable alternative for specialized self management that allows optimal physical and psychological independence.  Our community is driven by a service philosophy that emphasizes personal dignity, autonomy, independence, and privacy. 

Grandwood Assisted Living is independently owned and operated focusing on individualized customized care plans for seniors to make life easier.  Our facility is a 75 unit building which consists of assisted living, specialized memory care area, as well as a focus care for those requiring specialized services.  We also offer lakefront cottages for the independent lifestyle. Grandwood is nestled on lake front property and designed with the look and feel of home.


We invite you to come enjoy our atmosphere and allow us to enhance your life.