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A voluntary organization, the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of over 300 businesses, organizations, and individuals who have joined together to promote the community’s civic and commercial progress. The caliber of work that is done by the Chamber is directly related to the area’s economic well-being, which is why the business economy and future growth of the area have been positively impacted by the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber’s two primary functions are to:

• Act as a spokesperson for the business and professional community and translate into action the group thinking of its members; and

• Provide specific services that can be effectively rendered by an organization, both to its members and the community as a whole.

What Is It All About?
Investing in the Chamber is something everyone should do- that is, everyone who is interested in the development of the community, networking their business, and those who have an enlightened self-interest. If you live, work, play, or do business in the Grove area, then the economic viability and livability of your community should be of concern to you.

The Grove Area Chamber of Commerce:

• Is the voice of the business community working collectively for you by speaking loudly, clearly, and regularly on behalf of business;

• Has economic impact with visitors, new residents, and new businesses by being the spokesperson and a business partner who provides information about, and promotion of our community. The Chamber is typically the first place a visitor, new resident, prospective new resident, or business prospect will visit;

• Provides community vision and leadership development. The Chamber charts a positive course for Grove’s future through numerous programs;

• Promotes tourism and business development;

• Is your connection between government and community entities;

• Creates the way for a healthy and profitable business climate; and

• Has a full-time staff of three and a volunteer board to assist all members.

Would you be interested in joining?  Please click here for more information about the Chamber PLUS Membership Information and an Application!


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